‘Graceland’ recap: ‘Tinker Bell’

By Vannessa Jackson,

Who would have thought that a harmless Disney character could hold the key to tracking down a dangerous cartel and a multi-million dollar drug scandal? Mike Warren. In this week’s episode, it seems the team is finally ready to buckle down and find solve this case, well everyone except for Briggs. After his embarrassment with his family, Graceland is all he has left.

So of course he gets drunk out of his mind and storms into the house to claim what is “rightfully his.” The only problem is Zolanski has already moved his stuff into Jakes' room. Jakes, as we know from last season, doesn’t take to kindly to people touching his things, and is in the middle of attempting to break down the door, when Johnny restrains him; however, Jakes head-butts him.

Finally they are able to calm down Jakes and call a house meeting. Since none of them can be unbiased about who stays, they decide to make Mike choose. Mike is reluctant, but agrees that since Jakes' paperwork to be transferred is still in limbo, then Jakes shouldn’t necessarily get his room back until they can decide a more permanent fix. With all of the drama put aside, Mike decides it finally time to start making headway on his case.

His first task is to assign page to get in with some of Carlos Solano’s street dealers, but he doesn’t want her to purchase her normal small amount, but instead purchase a way larger size. Briggs warns him that trying to rush it this fast Is not going to fare well for the investigation, but Mike, as always, thinks he knows better. So Briggs and Paige set out to see if by increasing the amount they can get him to reveal when the next drop will be. Things go just as Briggs predicted, and when they ask for the larger amount, the dealer gets suspicious and stabs Paige in the hand. Although, Paige is still able to find out that the drop is happening Sunday, which is great news for Mike.

Johnny and Solanski are busy solving their own part in the case too. Since Charlie didn’t go talk to Solano last week, Johnny did, and figured out that he enjoys antique Mexican guns. Solanski’s friend hooks them up with some, but it turns out they are not Mexican guns, but French. Johnny thinks it’s worth the risk and starts preparing to make contact. Since Jakes seems to be inebriated most of the time, Mike gives him the job of watching video of the bus stations to see if he can find anything out. What he finds is over the course of multiple videos, there are girls in the bus station with the same Tinker Bell backpack, on different days. Since this shows a pattern, Mike sends Paige and Jakes to the bus station to scope it out.

While at the station they spot a girl wearing the backpack who has just come off of bus 118. Jakes stays and monitors, while Paige goes inside to locate the girl. She finds her and takes her into the bathroom so they can talk. She finds out that her name is Lena and she is from the Ukraine. Some men, whose names she does not know, have forced her to get on all sorts of different buses, with a stomach full of balloons that hold drugs. Paige gives the girl a burner phone, tells her not to show anyone, and promises that she will find her in Sylmar, which is Lena’s next stop.

It is finally Johnny’s time to shine and execute an undercover mission himself, which Mike is not very confident that he can do. Johnny shows up to a party with the antique guns and tells Carlito Solano about the Mexican Antique guns he has, but Solano is not easily fooled and shows Johnny the initials on the bottom proving it is a French gun. Johnny has prepared for this and tells him a story about how they went from French to become Mexican antique guns. Carlito then asks him to show him how it is loaded, which he does, but leaves out one final piece that would make the gun actually fire. Carlito is still one step ahead and realizes this, and then challenges Johnny to a duel. He mocks Johnny and finally forces him to a duel.

Of course he doesn’t play by the rules and is about to shoot Johnny, when his sister comes in and reprimands him for almost shooting a stranger in their living room. His friend laughs at this, which upsets him and so Carlito shoots him. This causes Johnny to almost blow his cover to save a man’s life, but he ends up leaving at Carlito’s sisters prompting.

With Johnny’s first mission done, he goes home to tell Solanksi what happened, but finds him gone for good, which means Jakes is back in, and Johnny doesn’t really have a friend in the house anymore. Paige is not doing so well either, considering when she gets to Sylmar the backpack is in the trash, and Lena is in the wind. They are definitely close to cracking this case, but it seems that it may come at the expense of many innocent lives.

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