Great white shark travels down towards Texas with thousands of fans watching

By Mila Whiteley,

Her name is Katharine. She has more than 11 thousand followers on Twitter. She is also a great white shark.

Image of a great white off the coast of Australia, 2004, courtesy of Icon/INFGoff.com

Katharine is one of a pair of sharks tagged by the research organization
Ocearch off the coast of Cape Cod last year, as reported by the Houston Chronicle. According to Ocearch, she is 14 feet long and weighs 2,300 pounds.

Katharine and other great whites have been tagged and tracked by Ocearch so that scientists can gather more information about the migratory patterns and breeding locations of great whites. They are discovering that many of their previous assumptions about great white sharks' behavior are incorrect, according to Dr. Robert Hueter, the Director of the Center for Shark Research at Mote Marine Laboratory. His statement was reported by the Chronicle.

Chris Fischer, who is the founder of Ocearch, stated as reported by ABC News, “We’ve brought fisherman and scientists together to capture and release sharks to help solve the puzzle of their lives, which is where they’re breeding and giving birth, so we can leverage that information to help sharks recover from the immense pressure they’ve been under. It's absolutely crucial.”

Scientists and researchers are not the only people getting information from Katherine. Ocearch allows any internet user to log into their Ocearch Global Shark Tracker and track Katharine and any other sharks they have tagged. Thus, fans can see the amount of ocean covered by a great white shark themselves, and vacationers can feel a thrill if the sharks are traveling close to their beaches.

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