Groom surprises bride with choreographed dance routine at wedding reception

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

The Internet has seen hundreds of surprise, choreographed wedding proposals that they almost seem to be more of a norm than a huge shock anymore but this man waited until after the ceremony to bring out all the stops.

People reports that when Sean Rajaee, an orthopedic surgeon from California, tied the knot a week ago, he wanted to plan something special for his new wife in the form of entertainment.

The routine, featuring his groomsmen as backup dancers, included hits such as “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé, “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child, “I Want it that Way” from the Backstreet Boys and the classic, “Marry You” from Bruno Mars. It even had a traditional Persian dance thrown into the mix. All of those plus fun props including sunglasses and fake mustaches turned the performance into a highlight, which has now gone viral.

So when did the men learn all of these sweet moves? The Telegraph notes that the performance was perfected over his bachelor weekend, which is usually used for heavy drinking and fun, and those who could not make it to rehearsal had to learn from a video tutorial.

It is a video worth watching so check it out below.



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