'Growing Up Fisher' recap: 'Growing Up Fairbanks'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On the series finale of Growing Up Fisher, the Fishers go on vacation, Henry makes a bold move and everything is wrapped up into a neat package.

I’m sad to say that this is my last Growing Up Fisher recap because the show was cancelled. I will miss it so much. It was the perfect pairing for About a Boy. However, the final episode perfectly wrapped up the series.

Everything was wrapped up perfectly as Mel and Joyce were just one signature away from being officially divorced. Trying to stay normal and putting off the papers, the Fishers decide to go on vacation. They are going to go to Catalina Island. Also, Jenny (Henry’s crush) is going to go with them because her mother is out of town.

Mel, who normally gets grumpy on vacation, promised to stay calm and not make a huge deal. Normally he argues with hotel workers and doesn’t allow anything to go wrong- no matter how much it embarrasses his family.

When they arrive to the hotel, the hotel clerk sees Elvis and lies about the Fisher family’s reservation. He says that the hotel is booked and that they cannot get a room. Surprising the family, Mel stays calm- it is Joyce that is uptight.

Mel and Joyce decide to work together to trick the hotel clerk into giving them a new reservation. They split up and trick the clerk. Now, the clerk knows that they know that they have rooms available. So, the clerk upgrades them to a suite and is going to pay for their food, drinks and free massages.

While at the hotel, Jenny, Henry and Katie have fun. Henry faces his biggest fear and goes horseback riding. He wants to impress Jenny. However, the first time he tries, he falls face first into the mud and says that he won’t do it again.

After a discussion with his parents, Henry decides to give it one last try.

While Mel and Joyce were relaxing, not signing the divorce papers, they finally realize that they need to. They go upstairs to find that Elvis had destroyed the room (just like the Clerk had warned) and that they had to leave. They couldn’t face the “I-told-you-so” clerk so they just snuck out.

As they went to grab their kids, they found Henry. He was on a horse. He rode it right up to Jenny and kissed her, facing all of his fears. He not only pulls off riding the horse but Jenny kisses him back.

Mel, Katie and Joyce all watch in pride, knowing that this is a new step in the Fisher life.

Goodbye Fisher family, for you will always be remembered as another underrated NBC comedy.

image courtesy of ACE/INFphoto.com



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