'Growing Up Fisher' recap: 'Madi About You'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On the first half of the series finale of Growing Up Fisher, Joyce’s sister shows up, Henry spends more time with Jenny and Mel and Joyce finally move on from their marriage.

Joyce: Joyce’s sister, Madi, shows up out of the blue. Madi and Mel do not get along. One of the first things Madi says to Mel is that he is using Allison as a Joyce-replacement because he just wants someone to replace her. Joyce tries to disagree with her sister but doesn’t do well. Madi is a free spirit and a relatively good sister. She tries to fix Joyce up. She gives her a makeover and tries to prepare her for the dating world. Joyce goes along with it. However, Madi hits a rough spot. She tells Joyce that she needs to take off her wedding band.

Joyce tells Madi that she isn’t ready to take off her wedding band. She doesn’t care how the wedding band seems in the dating world, she just isn’t prepared to take it off. Madi tries to help her sister out. She steals the wedding ring, sells it and buys a convertible. Joyce is not happy. She completely disowns her sister.

It isn’t until Mel comes back, goes to the pawnshop and pays to get the ring back. It is expensive but he buys it back for Joyce. Joyce and he finally have a mature conversation and they decide to stop wearing it. They say that, even though they aren’t together anymore, they’ll still be around for each other.

Mel: Mel, offended by Madi’s assessment of his and Allison’s relationship, decides to take Allison on a date and prove that he doesn’t need to be taken care of. He accidentally puts crushed red pepper on his pasta and does other unneeded embarrassing things. He tries to prove himself again to get Allison out of a parking ticket, however, his discussion with the judge gets Allison’s car impounded.

Realizing the mess he had caused, Mel drove to Allison’s yoga class to apologize. He says that he wanted to make her feel like she doesn’t have to take care of him. Allison accepts his apology and they make up.

Henry: With his parents busy with their own lives, Henry gets closer to Jenny. They spend time together. Runyen warns that spending so much time with Jenny will leave Henry in the friend-zone. Henry doesn’t believe him until Jenny makes him soup, just like Katie did.

Henry freaks out because he feels like Jenny has put him in the sibling zone. (Oh kids these days…) However, after calming down, he realizes that Jenny is going to be in his inner circle and he is happy that she is in his life at all.



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