'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe opens up about alcohol use

By Waleed Khalidi,

Daniel Radcliffe opened up in a recent interview with Sky Arts about using alcohol to cope with his fears of a dwindling career.

The pressures of fame led him to turn to alcohol as a release. "I would have benefited from not drinking alcohol as it was not making me as happy as I wanted it to," Radcliffe said in the interview set to be released within the year, according to Entertainment Wise.

Being a child star in the Harry Potter series made Radcliffe uneasy. He feared that he would end up like the majority of youngsters who grow up to lose their acting careers, ending up on a "Where are they now?" list, as he described.

Radcliffe has starred in Broadway productions as well as in horror movie The Woman in Black. He expressed his thankfulness that people no longer call him Harry Potter, and instead call him actor Daniel Radcliffe.

He went on to explain how he is not ashamed of his role as a prodigal wizard. "I will always credit the opportunities I get to Harry Potter," Contact Music reported him saying. "I would not be a happy person if I was bitter about those ten years of my life."

Daniel is signed on to act in Brooklyn Bridge, a true-events film about the bridge's construction, according to Entertainment Weekly. Radcliffe is also still performing in Broadway productions and recently appeared in romantic comedy The F Word, and horror film, Horns.

Image via Facebook from Daniel Jacob Radcliffe and Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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