Harry Styles invites bride-to-be to run away with him

By Jessica Garcia ,
A free trip to run away with Harry Styles

For some of us, a personalized video from Harry Styles begging us to leave our soon to be husband would be tempting. A perfect ending to this story, according to fan fiction of course, would result in bride-to-be Tash Gershfield, accepting the offer. However, for unknown reasons, Gershfield turned the 20-year-old down.

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The One Direction band member posted a video for the 25-year-old London bride charmingly asking her to run away with him instead of saying "I do" to her fiancé, James. According to Gershfield's post on Instagram, Styles' video was played at her wedding, which involved him telling her "it wasn't too late."

E! News announced earlier that Gershfield is a huge One Direction fan.

"I'm a massive One Direction fan, and Harry has always been my favorite," she told E! News. "During my husband's speech he told me he wanted to put me through a little test to see how much I really loved him. He then got my friend Alex to project the video of Harry up on the wall for all 250 guests to see."

Gershfield then took to her Instagram to post a couple of portions of Styles' video, where he asks her to meet him at the Orli, a bakery/delicatessen in Borehamwood, just north of London.

Video via Instragram from tashgershfieldx

Gershfield told E! News that after seeing the video, her jaw dropped. "Every single guest was shouting, 'Go! Go!' and the microphone was handed to me ... The first thing I said was, 'Can you play that again?"

Video via Instragram from tashgershfieldx

The bride mentioned that her husband asked her if she either wanted to go or stay, jokingly of course. After choosing to stay, the crowd cheered. She also told E! News that she'd still "love to meet" Styles.

Image via Instragram from tashgershfieldx



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