'The Haves and the Have Nots' recap: 'The Awakening'

By Marie Blake,

We left off with Benny making incoherent noises while Hanna and Tony were arguing. Now, Benny is awake, and he is a little confused. Hanna explains to him what happened and calls the doctor. Tony leaves the room, saddened that he would be able to get his kidney.

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Benny asks for Candace, and Hanna tells him that she will call her.

At the Cryer house, Jim asks Celine where Wyatt is. Celine tells Jim that she admires how he cares about his children, and wishes he felt that way about "all" of his children, insinuating that there is another child in the picture, possibly hers?

Jim and Katherine console Wyatt who is still upset about killing the little girl and putting Benny in the hospital.

Jim goes to see Amanda, but is told by the landlord that she is not there. Jim also finds out that Amanda quit school.

Landon brought some breakfast for the office. David asks him about what his life is like being gay. Landon asks why Davis is asking, knowing it pertains to Jeffrey, but David doesn't say anything. Jim shows up and asks about the car. David tells Jim that he moved out of the house, hoping it will break Veronica and make her tell him where the car is.

Maggie tells Jim that his numbers in the poll have gone up since the press conference. Jim gets a phone call and leaves.

There is a moment between Maggie and David, but it is short lived.

Rose calls Jim and tells him she found the guy he is looking for. Rose also tells Jim that Candace is really scared, and he tells her to keep her that way.

Hanna and the doctor are helping Benny walk. He tries to understand more of what is going on. When he leaves, the doctor tells Hanna that she truly is blessed.

Amanda returns home to find Quincy waiting. Quincy tells her that he is Candace's baby father. She invites him up to the apartment and gives him Candace's phone number. Amanda tells Quincy that Candace’s mother died, part of the lies that Candace told her. However, Amanda does not know that her real mother is Hanna.

He asks to say and Amanda says yes. She offers to make him dinner, and he asks if he can help. Quincy helps Amanda reach for a glass for wine, and during the contact, there is some sexual tension.

Katherine finds out from Celine that Wyatt left in her car, and goes out to look for him.

Wyatt brings a teddy bear to the little girl's grave site. He sees her mother there, and she recognized him. Her dad chased after Wyatt, but he managed to drive away.

At the hospital, Hanna gets ready to sleep next to Benny, but he tells her to go home. Darlene comes in and Hanna goes home. Benny remembers Darlene from high school, and is obviously attracted to her.

When Hanna gets home, the grandfather of the little girl was there. He tells her that he saw Wyatt at the grave site, and she tells him that she will call Byron to look into the situation.

At the hotel, Maggie is at the bar and flags down David. He joins her. At first they talk about the campaign, and then David orders a drink. Maggie reveals that she moved into the room adjoining his. She then asks is he's ever had an affair, or even thought about it. David tells her that he loves his wife, and wouldn't cheat on her. After more talking, David walks a drunken Maggie to her room.

Byron calls Jim to inform him that Wyatt was identified at the grave site and that he is headed to Hanna's house. Jim tells him to go ahead, and that he will handle things.

Jim then goes to Candace, who begs him to let her out. He goes over the rules with her again which will determine if she can go free. He has her sign multiple documents; one dropping Amanda's lawsuit that she helped file, one that states she was stalking him and her delusion is to explain for the false fantasies she's had with him, one for a restraining order, and another to sign back over her car. He then leaves and tells Rose to kill her.

Next week, David calls Maggie and asks to come back home. Benny wants to talk about the day of the accident, Jim orders Amanda to come home, and Candace’s fate is decided.



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