'The Haves and the Have Nots' recap: 'Donald'

By Marie Blake,

At the end of the last episode, we were left with Jim holding a press conference that will supposedly fix things with Wyatt. Celine turns on the television for Katheryn which shows the press conference. In his speech, Jim introduces a man, Donald, who he claims is the person that Wyatt actually hit, not Lizzy or Benny. He is careful with what he says and seems to have everyone believe that Wyatt is innocent.

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He tells the press that he wants the DA to release Wyatt immediately since no charges will be pressed against him.

Meanwhile, Hanna is home watching the same press conference on TV. Veronica is also home watching.

Hanna turns off the TV to find Quincy, Candace's ex who was released from jail. Hanna tells him to get out but he refuses to leave without being told where Candace is. Hanna grabs a bat and calls the police. He gets up and grabs Hanna's robe collar then leaves.

At Jim's office, Maggie tells Jim that his press conference went in his favor. Landon confronts David about Jim gets a call from the DA, they tell him they want to discuss a deal concerning Wyatt. After he leaves, Maggie asks David if Wyatt really did hit that other man, but David dodges her questions. Maggie tells David that she knows he isn't living with Veronica anymore. There appears to be a romantic undertone in their conversation, but David excuses himself from the room before anything could progress.

Hanna is talking to the police about Quincy's break-in. Detective Byron shows up to make sure she was okay after hearing the police call on the radio. Hanna tells Byron that Benny is alive and they embrace. There seems to be more feelings involved between them. In previous episodes, we were informed that Byron was hired by Jim to watch Hanna, but is he playing her, or are there actually feelings there?

Jim picks up Wyatt from the police station, avoiding questions from a reporter.

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