'The Haves and the Have Nots' recap: 'The Vulnerable'

By Marie Blake,

Last week, Benny finally woke up, Wyatt was recognized by the little girl's mother, and Jim ordered Rose to kill Candace.

David helps Maggie to her room. She hits on him and tries to get him into her room, but he declines, and goes to his room alone. He calls Veronica and tells her that he wants to come home, but he needs to know where the car is first. She doesn't tell him and they say goodnight. He stares at the door adjoining his room to Maggie's.

Amanda is still at the apartment with Quincy. She tells Quincy that Candace is helping her sue her parents for her $12 million inheritance. She starts feeling warm because she mixed wine with her medication.

Quincy tells Amanda that he was in jail for murder, and she told him that she wants to kill her parents and her brother. She shows him the gun, and Quincy asks why she wants to kill them. She tells him that her mother is a spy, and her father was a battle warrior. Quincy then shows Amanda how to shoot the gun. He tries to make a move on Amanda, but she holds the gun up to him and tells him to leave.

Jim and Katheryn argue about Wyatt, who still has not returned home. Jim tells Katheryn that he was at the grave site and was recognized. Just then, Wyatt walks in. Jim tells Wyatt that he needs to figure out a way to let everything go. Wyatt tells them he just wants to go away for a while. Jim plans a trip for the family to go to the mountains.

Byron talks with Hanna and the little girl's grandfather, Michael. Byron leaves and Michael gets ready to go. Hanna walks him outside. They hug and he gets ready to kiss her, but she turns him down.

A man shows up at Veronica's house. He goes into her bed, and at first, she thinks it's David, but instead it is Quincy. She tells him to get out and that she is not afraid of him. He gets dressed and leaves. Veronica locks the door and sets the alarm, obviously shaken.

Benny and Darlene are talking. He asks her for her number so they can go on a date. The Doctor and Hanna show up. Benny asks Hanna about Candace. She tells him that she can't reach her. He asks her about Tony. He remembers her telling him that he was his father, and asks for his number. Hannah tells him she will work on it, but does not tell him that Tony tried to take him off life support to get his kidney.

Jim finds a young addict that looks like Wyatt. He wants him to turn himself in for killing the girl and hitting Benny, and then will help him escape to Mexico where he will stay.

Jeffrey goes on a date with a girl; he promised his mother. Throughout the date, the girl spoke a lot and Jeffrey was very uncomfortable.

Jim goes to Amanda's apartment and tells her to pack her things because he is bringing her home. He asks about the gun, but Amanda tells him that it is a toy and that she doesn't know where it is. He tells her he is taking her home to get help. She gets her purse and they leave.

Rose takes Candace to a deserted area. A bag gets put over her head and she is shot.

Is Candace dead?

Next week, now that Amanda is at home, will she use the opportunity to kill everyone? Will Jeffrey tell his date that he isn't interested in girls? Will Maggie and David's relationship progress? And where is the car?

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