HBO names Game of Thrones top show, beats Sopranos

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

For years The Sopranos has remained on the top of the list as HBO’s largest accomplishment as its most watched program but all of that has changed recently.

Officials from HBO have now announced that Game of Thrones has taken Tony Soprano’s spot with its impressive fourth season. Fox News reports that this current season has an average gross audience of 18.4 million viewers. This beats The Sopranos 18.2 million which occurred during the show's peak in 2002.

Many felt that the victory had happened earlier on but it wasn't until this season that the show took the title. Yet, of course, media is different than it was during The Sopranos time which has made it easier for Thrones to gain number.

EW discusses how now DVR playback and the streaming HBO Go helps count more viewers than those available during the initial viewing of the episode. Still, with the rise of piracy there are hundreds of more audience members who are watching the show that do not get counted at all.

Which show is your favorite?



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