“Heating” Up History in the NBA Finals

By Luke Wiersma,
In order for LeBron and the Miami Heat to three-peat, they must make history.

0-31. That is the mark that is staring all 15 members of the Miami Heat right in their faces. It is the record of success (or lack thereof) of every team that has ever been in the same position that the second best team in the East is in right now, according to TheScore. That’s right; no team has ever accomplished what the Heat are about to set out to achieve starting tonight, and only two of those teams forced a Game 7. Eight teams have done it in the earlier rounds outside of the Finals, including one of the great Celtics and Lakers teams of the ‘60s and ‘70s, with the most recent occurrence being Steve Nash’s Phoenix Suns back in 2006, notes Yahoo.

But for each team that succeeded in this difficult endeavor, there are about 27 others who didn’t; yep, 223 out of the 231 teams who have tried have failed. That’s a 96.5 percent clip. Not great odds for the current Heat team embarking on a mission to do so as well.

Per USAToday, LeBron James says that history is made to be broken, and while he does have a point that we do hear of records being eclipsed almost daily nowadays, there are 223 instances of evidence that work against James and his Heat. Maybe, just maybe, this is one type of history that will catch up with Miami tonight and make them just that: history.

Image via Facebook from LeBron James



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