'Heroes of Cosplay' Recap 'Wizard World Portland 2014'

By Neil C. Rasbury,

In the last episode of the series Animate! Miami, we met some new characters Miguel, and Carl. Chloe, Holly, and Jessica won best Group with their Dragon Age inspired cosplay. However, it seems that this episode is all about the heroines of the cosplay show as they all compete in the Wizard World Cosplay Con in Portland.

In the beginning of the episode we see the lovely Chloe working on her web show, Bite Tv. She's with her best friend and working partner Michele and a new cosplay hero Meg, whose been cosplaying since the age of 12. On the spot, Chloe immediately asked Meg and Michelle to join her idea of making '50s inspired Batman villains. Meg will portray Hailey Quinn, Chloe embodies Poison Ivy and Michele will be Cat Woman.

Yaya had a wonderful surprise as well. Her fiance, Brian, had recreated the Micheal Keaton Batman version of the Batman mobile, however, he needs to install the guns, which gives her the idea of cosplaying as the new 52 Batgirl.

Riki and another new face of the heroes line up, Katie, discuss their upcoming costumes. Katie will cosplay as the Injustice version of Wonder Woman while Riki will once again try to debut as Ashe, the frost archer from League of Legends. These two ladies might have some competition as they both are trying to make their props glow.

However, each of these ladies have some kind of issues with their stunning yet difficult props. Chloe decides to animate her flowers, and it seems one of them decides not to work at the con, while Katie is worrying about whether having her lasso glow is such a good idea, and Riki has time to actually make the bow that she didn't make the last con. All the ladies seem to be in the clear except Riki and Katie. So the ladies decide to switch the battery packs after they go on. However, Riki isn't so lucky and she decides to go last while she receives a positive reaction from the fans but the judges do notice that her bow isn't lighting up.

The Results

Our group and Riki won an honorable mention, while Katie did win for best female hero. For once our heroes came out with some well deserved accolades. Maybe we should see these ladies cosplay all the time if they win with things like this.

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