Human remains found in crocodile after man is attacked boating

By Michelle Kapusta,

Human remains were found inside a saltwater crocodile after a man in Australia was attacked while boating.

According to CNN, rangers shot and killed two crocodiles after they recovered human remains believed to be those of a 62-year-old who went missing off his boat the previous afternoon.

The Mirror noted that Northern Territory police said that the man was fishing with his family in Kakadu National Park when the reptile snatched him from his boat and pulled him underwater.

His family had to drive for hours to get help because there is no cell phone reception in the remote park.

One crocodile located near where the victim was attacked, contained the remains and measured over 15 feet in length.

Authorities are still investigating the incident and gathering information.

The remains thought to be the unidentified man’s have been sent out for forensic examination.

Australia's Northern Territory is home to one of the largest populations of saltwater crocodiles in the world.



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