Indiana man killed elderly roommate, stuffed body into freezer

By Kyle Johnson,

An Indiana man killed his elderly female roommate and then stuffed her body in the freezer, where police eventually stumbled upon her.

Daniel Shoffner was arrested by police on a murder charge after the 70-year-old victim's body was found by police who were called to the house by the victim's relative who felt something was off between the two, reports WSBT.

The elderly woman's body was eventually discovered, though no explanation has been given for why police looked in the freezer. But by that time it was frozen solid, meaning that an autopsy will have to wait until the body has thawed.

"We can't do an autopsy until she thaws out, LaPort Detective Scott Aftowski told Reuters. "And we have to have an autopsy to figure things out."

Neighbor, Michael Emerson, was surprised to find out 47-year-old Shoffner was a killer.

"There's so many crazy people out here that you don't know what's going to go on at any moment or any time and we've never had problems around here until this, now," Emerson said.



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