Intoxicated Alabama woman falls asleep on railroad tracks, is run over by train but left uninjured

By Amanda Holtzer,

Lynsey Horne fell asleep on railroad tracks in Aurburn, and walked away uninjured after a train passed over her Wednesday morning.

Police Chief Paul Register told Opelika-Auburn News that the Auburn Police Department received a call around 9:10 a.m. from CSX Rail and a passerby saying there was a young lady laying on the railroad tracks, and she may have been hit by the train.

NY Daily News reports that Lynsey Horne was found about half way between Gay and Ross streets on the tracks. When officers arrived, they found her still asleep on the tracks, even after a train passed over her.

Captain Lorenze Dorsey told WLOX News, “You can certainly call it a miracle. Plus, because of her small build and stature she was able to lay in a way that she was not stuck by the train or hit by another object from the train. She is very, very fortunate to not have been injured.”

22-year-old Lynsey Horne is now being charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.



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