'Iron Man 3' director Shane Black to reboot 'Predator' for Fox

By Daniel S Levine,

Fox is going to take another crack at rebooting the iconic 1987 action film Predator. The studio has hired Lethal Weapon creator and Iron Man 3 director Shane Black to helm the new project.

The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter and also confirmed by TheWrap. Black is also signed to co-write the script with Fred Dekker, who Black collaborated with on The Monster Squad.

John Davis, Lawrence Gordon and Joel Silver will produce the reboot. Davis also produced the original film, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was directed by John McTiernan.

Predator spawned a 1990 sequel and the franchise also crossed over with the Alien series after successful comic books and video games did the same. In 2010, Fox released Predators, which was produced by Robert Rodriguez. However, that film didn’t lead to any further movies, which is why Fox has just decided to reboot it to keep it alive.

Interestingly, THR notes that Black does briefly appear in Predator and had turned Fox down multiple times when asked to work on the original film’s script. Black took the part, but still refused to work on the script.

Black is best known for writing the Lethal Weapon series and directing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He directed the third Iron Man film and is reportedly working on a film noir project called The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe possibly starring.

image courtesy of Carlos Diaz/INFGoff.com



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