Isaiah Austin, stricken with rare disorder, recognized at NBA draft

By Michelle Kapusta,

At Thursday night’s NBA draft, players’ dreams came true when they heard their names called by Commissioner Adam Silver, including a collegiate player who will never take the court.

USA Today Sports noted that halfway through the first round, Silver paused and called the name of Isaiah Austin, who the commissioner said was “drafted by the NBA.”

Austin was expected to be selected in the first round by a particular franchise on Thursday evening, but his dreams were derailed after he received some devastating news just last week.

Austin was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that degenerates the connective tissue in the body. It makes playing competitive sports potentially fatal.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the former Baylor Bear was unaware of the condition when he played his high school and college ball.

With the diagnoses, Austin knows that he will never be able to play for an NBA team, but did have the dream of his name being called by the commissioner.

It was such a classy gesture by the league and the most touching moment of the night as he too got to experience the draft with his family and peers.



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