ISIS terror group receives support from Twitter around the world

By Melissa Barclay,

Twitter users from around the world have posted photos giving the group ISIS their support.

Extremists fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have flooded Twitter with the hashtag '#AllEyesonIsis' and propaganda, the Daily Mail reported.

The reason for the post was to gain more support, and the group seems to have succeeded. Minutes after, Twitter users around the world answered ISIS’s call.

Twitter users posted pictures such as the above with the hashtag. “From Australia, we support the Mujahideen of Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam,” a photo posted of a note read on Twitter. Another user from Switzerland drew a heart-shaped ISIS logo.

According to the Mirror, the goal of ISIS is to establish an Islamic state that would cross into the borders of Syria and Iraq. The group also wants to claim Baghdad, the country’s capital and largest oil reserve.

According to CNN, the group was last reported as being about 40 miles from the gates of Baghdad.

The group continues to take to social media to gain supports, even urging Westerners to leave their lives behind and fight for ISIS.

Image via Twitter from Salafi Jihadi.



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