James and Suzy Cameron's schools to go vegan

By Krista Frost,

Muse School CA, in Calabasas, California, has its students eating healthy and growing their own vegetables from an early age. The result of this environmentally friendly and health conscious teaching, is that the school will be the first in the United States to go vegan.

ABC13 in California talked with Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of director James Cameron, about the school’s plan.

“They're in the gardens, they're getting dirty, they're planting the seeds, they're watching the vegetables grow,” she said.

Suzy and her sister Rebecca have tried to run their schools with a healthy diet in mind and, as of now, students have at least one lunch meal a week that is pure vegetables.

By 2015, they want their schools to be completely vegan. However, they do not want to force any child to go vegan, but it does help with the school’s carbon footprint.

The Muse Schools were founded by Suzy and James Cameron who became vegans in 2012.

According to NPR, the Camerons hope to influence more schools to promote true environmentally friendly behaviors.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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