JetBlue diverts flight to Detroit after unruly passenger has a meltdown

By Elizabeth Learned,

JetBlue is in the news once more days after a flight attendant refused to let a three-year-old get out of her seat to use the toilet.

The New York Daily News reported that while on a flight from New York to Las Vegas, a man became agitated and lunged across the seats on the plane as his daughter pleaded with him to settle down.

It appeared as though the passenger was having an argument with family members and began having a meltdown, despite the family and flight attendants trying to calm him down. The airline chose to divert the flight due to “an abundance of caution,” New York Daily News also reported.

A video captured by a passenger of the event was released and you can hear the daughter saying, “Dad, stop!”

The flight was then diverted to Detroit once the crew was able to restrain the man. After the plane landed around 8:30 a.m., the man was taken into custody before being taken to a hospital.

CBS New York/Associated Press reported that the spokesman for the FBI in Detroit, David Porter, stated there is no word on if the unruly passenger will be charged.

He also stated that the incident “did not rise to the level of threatening the aircraft” since the flight attendants were able to deal with the situation before it could become worse.



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