John Stamos returns the kiss of Vine celeb Jerome Jarre and brings homophobia to light

By Amanda Stewart,

Vine superstar Jerome Jarre has been playing “kiss pranks” for months. Wednesday, Jarre had the chance of a lifetime. There he was: John Stamos just standing there. Jarre walked up to sneak a kiss, but his plan backfired.

To Jarre’s (and everyone else’s) surprise, Stamos turns and plants one directly on Jarre’s lips.

Jarre posted this Vine video to his profile and immediately began receiving slurs, calling him gay and threatening to unfollow him because of it.

"I am receiving death threats now, but I would not delete this Vine for anything in the world," Jarre said to Mashable.

To respond to these death threats and slurs that called out the entire LGBT community, Jarre posted a video in which he kisses a fellow Vine celebrity, Nicholas Megalis (And Nicholas was in drag).

"I'm sick of seeing kids being bullied for living their lives. Ignorance is so dangerous," Megalis said to Mashable. "And as someone who makes things, it is my job to make something I actually believe in. And I believe in this. Gay, straight, alien. Doesn't mean shit. Love is love is love."

Jarre is known for being a joyful Vine celeb, but he certainly pushes society’s limits. Jarre says that he encourages love and acceptance above all.

Image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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