Jon Stewart addresses double standards on college sexual assault cases on 'The Daily Show'

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Jon Stewart is well known for discussing the more controversial topics of life on The Daily Show and Wednesday night he did not fail to do so again.

Stewart began discussing a recent case at James Madison University in Virginia on the topic of sexual assault. While on a spring break vacation, a female student says three fraternity members pulled off her bathing suit top and recorded the incident before sharing it around. While the girl was lucky that there was concrete evidence of the incident occurring, the school failed to take serious action.

The talk show host announced that the punishment was expulsion upon graduation leading Stewart to point out that the guilty men were allowed to graduate but after then, they can no loner visit the school. This ended up forcing the host to look at the double standard of college sexual assault cases as he then handed off the topic to two of his correspondents, Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper, to offer some safety tips for students.

Safe to assume, The Huffington Post points out that women had several more factors to take into account before they go out for an evening with friends as compared to men.

While Klepper shares the original, “Beer before liquor, never been sicker” and “Don’t drink and drive. Take a cab. Just pass out in the back,” topics became more serious when he shared the, “Don’t pass out on the couch. Someone will draw a d**k on your face.”

Williams was sent on a tailspin of real life advice that sounds ridiculous but is unfortunately true suggestions such as monitoring your taxi route via Google maps to make sure the driver is going the right way and saving all incriminating messages from the guy who bothers you as she states, “The college and the cops won't do anything, but maybe it will help you with your civil suit."

Klepper finished his advice with a, “Not all men are bad,” statement causing Williams to call out Klepper himself for his own comments made to her as she walked into work that morning.

There are currently 55 universities under investigation for how they handle sexual assault cases in the United States. How do you feel these issues are being handled?

Watch the full video for yourself below.



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