Judd Apatow may be heading to Hulu for new show 'Love'

By Will Ashton,

Although currently a producer for HBO's hit series Girls, it appears the writer/director may be taking his next television project to a new medium: Hulu.

According to Vulture, Apatow's latest TV production, tentatively titled Love, may have found a home with the site. Teaming alongside writers Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust, Apatow will co-write, produce and possibly even direct the upcoming series. Apatow, Rust and Arfin have already written the pilot for the upcoming show.

Revolving around "relationships, romantic and otherwise, with one (very messed-up) couple in particular at the center," according to its official description, the show seeking out Community star Gillian Jacobs to star, who is already working on the fourth season of Girls. That may change, however, if Sony Pictures Television finds a way to keep Community in motion by Monday, when the actors contracts are said to expire.

Additionally, Rust is also said to have a part on the show, and, although it is not 100% locked, Brent Forrester (The Simpsons, The Office) may also be a co-showrunner on the program.

If Hulu picks up this show, this would be a very big catch for the site. Although it may not be as big as Netflix's House of Cards, it'll definitely get them on the map in terms of producing original content, which they have been doing for the past couple years, but to no big acclaim or recognition.

Additionally, if Jacobs does indeed sign onto the show, it would be rather ironic for Hulu, considering that they apparently passed on the opportunity to pick up Community for future seasons.

Image courtesy of ACE/INFphoto.com



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