Judge rules Casey Kasem must remain on food and fluids

By Kyle Johnson,

The fight over Casey Kasem between his children and their stepmother continued on Monday when a judge ordered that he be placed back on food and fluids, handing a victory to his wife.

The former DJ is currently at the St. Anthony Hospital in Washington in critical condition due to an infected bed sore he likely developed after being pulled from hospice care.

While in the hospital, his eldest daughter Kerri Kasem had him taken off food, fluids and medication, which Jean Kasem's lawyer claimed was just a way to end his life faster, reports CNN.

He claimed that if her father were to pass away sooner rather than later, it would really help her out financially. "She's in a pretty serious economic situation that would be dramatically improved as the result of her father's death," Steve Haney said.

Jean has claimed that Kasem, who suffers from Lewy body dementia, is still able to communicate, while Kerri contends he cannot.

She spoke with New York Daily News and said Kasem was pulled off fluids and food because "It sounded like he was drowning. It was excruciating to watch."

Kerri added, "The feeding was backing up because he can't digest. This is breaking my heart."

image courtesy of Walter McBride/INFphoto.com



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