Justin Bieber's Beliebers devise plan to ignore him on Twitter after Selena Gomez reconciliation

By Gina DiFalco,

Justin Bieber’s fans are furious he’s been spending so much time with his on-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and they’ve even devised a plan to ignore him on Twitter just like they believe he’s doing to them.

The “As Long As You Love Me” singer often interacts with his Beliebers on Twitter, but since they started the hashtag #ignorejustinproject, far less have been responding to his posts. Bieber has over 52 million Twitter followers.

Some fans wrote, “if justin can ignore us bc of Selena we can ignore him #ignorejustinproject,” with another one writing, “Come on guys it's like a prank we just want to see if he would notice that #ignorejustinproject.”

But of course, not everyone was on board. MTV News reports some of his fans were upset about this “project.” "Who the hell came up with #ignorejustinproject ?!?!?? You guys are seriously pathetic. He already gets enough hate. #wesupportjustin," one fan wrote.

Just Jared reports Bieber, 20, and Gomez, 21, have been spending a lot of time together lately – including going to the studio together, going to the movies after grabbing dinner together and attending bible study together.

image via INFphoto.com



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