Kanye West returns to loud boos, cheers at Bonnaroo

By Kyle Johnson,

Kanye West made his return to Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Friday night for the first time in six years and was greeted by both boos and cheers from the crowd.

According to QMI Agency, West was received by both loud boos and cheers when he arrived on stage and both continued throughout the performance. The boos certainly got louder as the set when on and West lapsed into moments of ranting.

Twitter seemed amused as the boos got louder, with user Tavleen writing, "Only Kanye West would say he's about to release a new single and then get booed off the stage."

Apparently throughout his performance he would pause and then discuss working hard and normal West-centric views, such as how he's aiming to be remembered forever like other famous artists. "I'm going after Shakespeare. I'm going after Walt Disney. I'm going after Howard Hughes. I'm going after Genghis Khan. I'm going after Henry Ford."

Still, some fans definitely welcomed him back to the music festival and felt West had an excellent 90-minute performance.

West has not been invited back to the festival since 2008's disastrous set where he didn't actually start performing until several hours into the following morning, something he placed blame everywhere else but on himself, notes The Associated Press.

This time he was ready to go only about 10 minutes after his start time and commented on his previous appearance at the festival, saying that it was Pearl Jam's fault for his 4:30 a.m. start time.

West's fans might not be totally pleased with this appearance either, though, as he finished his set 20 minutes early.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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