'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: 'Color Me Lonely'

By Francisco Flores,
The Kardashians are back this week with father-daughter drama, a potentially life-changing painting, and a new haircut for Mr. Bruiser

The Kardashians are back this week with even daughter-father drama, a potentially life-changing painting, and a new haircut for Mr. Bruiser.

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We begin this week’s episode with a hair appointment. Bruce decides to get a haircut and a dye job at Khloé’s house. He only cuts off about an inch, keeping his surfer locks completely in tact, but not everyone is a fan of his “new do.”

Kris shows up to the house unannounced to get her hair did as well, but instead begins criticizing Bruce’s haircut. Besides calling him a “hot mess,” she tears apart his dignity before he gets up and leaves. Though it seems to her that she was trying to help, Kris only created a negative energy that Bruce always seems to try to avoid.

Kourtney and Scott finally give Penelope her time to shine in this week’s episode. She is seen throughout the whole show, interacting with multiple family members. After Scott’s parents died, she and him had a painting shipped out of his parents house and out to them.

Kourtney believed the painting, by Amedeo Modigliani, is an authentic piece and could be worth millions. Scott is skeptic of the painting, thinking it is only a reprint, so he doesn’t get too caught up with it. Kourtney calls for an appraiser to take a closer look at the painting. He only furthers her excitement by telling her it is an authentic Modigliani piece.

To be completely sure, Kourtney calls in an expert to take one final look at the artwork. He is unsure of the painting’s authenticity, so he takes the painting for further analyzing to his lab. To Kourtney and Scott’s dismay, the painting is only a reprint.

While Kendall makes a name for herself in the modeling industry in New York, Kylie is very present in this episode, but not in Bruce Jenner’s life. One of the main storylines of this episode revolves around the father-daughter duo and their strained relationship. Bruce feels neglected by his youngest daughter and tries to strengthen their bond.

Time and time again, Bruce reaches out to Kylie only to get short or even no response from the 16-year-old. Kris reassures him that she is only being a teenager and to not take it personally. As a father, Bruce does take it personally and continues to find ways to reach out for Kylie’s attention.

Of course, Kris gets involved like always and manages to put even more stress on Bruce. Apart from his relationship problems with Kylie, Kris thinks Bruce is lonely out in the middle of Malibu. He lives alone and seems to never have any food in his fridge, so naturally, Kris goes into superhero mode and tries to save him.

This creates tension between the separated couple. Bruce moved out of the Jenner house and into his own Malibu home to escape Kris’ controlling ways, but she somehow finds a way to always get involved in his problems one way or another.

Things finally reach a breaking point when Kris arranges a family cooking lesson to secretly teach Bruce how to cook, but it blows up in her face when she continually criticizes his methods of cooking. Bruce finally speaks up, telling her the reason he left and tries to make a point of how she always gets involved.



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