Kelly Osbourne shaves and tattoos head, posts photos on Instagram

By Rachel Karach,

Kelly Osbourne has recently dyed her hair purple, shaved half of her head and gotten a new tattoo. While her rocker chick hairstyle might not be so shocking to some, her newest tattoo still seems like an interesting choice.

According to GossipCop, Osbourne got the word “stories” tattooed on the side of her head last night and took to both Twitter and Instagram to share the news. “Sorry mum and dad but I love it!” she tweets. The photo shows a tattoo artist working over Osbourne’s head as she looks off to the side. The style critic excitedly posed for a few photos with tattoo artist Dr. Woo after the job was done.

Image via Twitter from Kelly Osbourne

The Fashion Police panelist posted a handful of photos on Instagram, to which most of her fans have responded with delight. People reports that the 29-year-old Brit got inked at Hollywood’s famous Shamrock Social Club before documenting the event on social media.

Image via Instagram from Kelly Osbourne

What could the meaning behind “stories” be?

What do you think about Osbourne’s radical changes in appearance? Has competing with Joan Rivers for attention finally gotten to her head?

Image courtesy of ACE/INFPhoto.com



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