Kim Kardashian buys husband Kanye West board game for his birthday

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

It may seem that Kanye West has it all when in reality; he was missing something truly unique prior to his most recent birthday.

Kim Kardashian West, who legally changed her last name the day after their wedding, reports Daily Mail, decided to give her her husband something special for their first birthday as a married couple. Kardashian ended up buying a new board game, which has not even hit stores yet and customized it for her man.

The game is a new version of Monopoly titled My Monopoly, where the owner can create his or her own playing cards, property spaces and even game pieces to make the game something personal and completely relatable. Us Weekly notes that Kardashian replaced Park Avenue on the 37-year-old rapper's board for the Palace of Versailles, where the two had their wedding rehearsal dinner. In addition the Broadway space was made over to be Fort Belvedere in Italy, the location of their wedding.

While two years ago Kardashian gave West a Lamborghini, this gift costs less but holds more value.

image via INFphoto.com



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