Kit Harington Spills On 'Game of Thrones' Finale

By Kaitlyn Clay,

One of the many shows this season constantly having people on the edge of their seats is Game of Thrones and Kit Harington is dishing on all the details on the upcoming season finale set to air this Sunday.

Harington sat down with a few sources to give a few sneak peaks at whats to come for these fans.

"As for Jon Snow, he's 'focused on being a leader' when episode 10 picks up," Harington teased to ELLE. "After losing his wildling love, Ygritte, in episode nine, Snow is a much colder person [after this]. He loses a lot of whatever warmth he had, which, let's face it, wasn't a lot."

Season finales of shows usually bring in the most views for the entire season, so with many people watching, the writers could go in many different directions with the plot. A lot of questions have been left unanswered, and one of them is which will we find the answers to?

"Usually the big impact episode is (the ninth), and then we wrap everything up in the 10th. But this show doesn't like doing what people think is going to happen. It's going to throw a lot of people, it's going to be very exciting," Harrington said, as reported by CNN.

We may not know much, but we do know this finale will be one for the books.

Image courtesy of Credit: ACE/INFphoto.com



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