Kraft recalls Velveeta cheese from 12 Midwest Wal-Mart stores

By Marie Blake,

Kraft announced that 260 cases of Velveeta Original Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product were being recalled from 12 different Wal-Mart stores, in as many states, over an insufficient amount of a preservative.

The issue stems from there not being enough sorbic acid in the product, which was shipped to three different Midwestern distribution centers and shipped to states such as Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and more.

With an insufficient amount of sorbic acid in the Velveeta cheese product, there is a chance that it could spoil early and or result in a person who consumes the product becoming ill, so Kraft decided it was best to recall the cases.

The affected products have the UPC code 021000611614 and have code date of Dec. 17.

Kraft warns consumers who have bought one of these products to throw them away and contact Kraft Foods Consumer Relations for more information.

This is not the first time that Kraft had to recall one of their products, notes Medical Daily. In 2011, the company recalled the Velveeta Pasta Cups because thin wire bristles were found in their cups. Last October, They recalled their Polly-O string cheese because their products might have expired before their expiration dates.

In January of this year, Kraft recalled 1.77 million pounds of ground beef products because the labels did not mention allergens like dried soy sauce and hydrolyzed soy protein. Lastly, in May of this year, the company recalled 1.2 million cases of cottage cheese because the ingredients were not up to par with the correct temperature requirements.



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