'Ladies of London' episode 2 recap

By TracyJane,
Tabloid Heaven

This week’s episode begins at Juliet’s house where we’re shown a typical morning. She’s getting her kids breakfast, discussing school, and getting her husband and daughter out the door for the day. Juliet makes a statement about American moms being more hands on and involved with their children than the British ladies. Awhile later, we see that the statement seems to ring true when we see a typical morning at Caroline’s house. She and her husband sit at the table having tea while their housekeeper gets the children breakfast and then ushers them outside to the driver who is waiting to take the kids to school.

The British/American differences are brought up again when Juliet meets Marissa for lunch at one of Marissa’s restaurants, Bumpkin. The ladies discuss the previous week’s polo match in which the American ladies were screaming and yelling. Marissa comments that the British are reserved and act like they are “too cool." Juliet says she’s loud and wild and she’s not going to apologize for that.

The ladies move on to the next big event, which is the Serpentine Party. Marissa decides to put together a pre-party cocktail hour so all of the ladies can see each other and say hi before the craziness of the party.
Next up we are brought to a catch up between Noelle and her boyfriend Scot. Scot arrives fresh from a court proceeding for his divorce. He reports that his ex has run out of money again and is asking for a delay in the trial.

Apparently she’s done this before and this divorce has been dragged out for the last four years. Noelle’s patience is running thin but Scot promises it’ll end soon and even tells Noelle to start looking for a bigger flat so they both can move in. Noelle agrees because “love is blind” as she states.

Later on, they tour the first flat and Noelle can’t find anything nice to say about it. From the outdated furnishings to the “grandma” smell, she is not happy even though it’s a huge place and has great outdoor space. Finally she declares that she deserves better than that. Scot takes this opportunity to drop the bad news on her that he has not been able to secure Serpentine Party tickets. Noelle protests and says she has a gorgeous designer dress and she has to go. She goes so far as blaming Scot and his divorce being in the tabloids as the reason that they cannot get tickets.

In a talking head interview, she claims that she’s not the gold digger she’s been portrayed as, but these rants are not helping her case. In a last ditch effort, she phones Marissa to see if SHE can help them get tickets. The whole scene has painted Noelle as a spoiled brat who’s throwing a tantrum because she isn’t getting her way.

Switching to a happier couple, we are let in on Caprice and her boyfriend Ty’s big secret. It turns out that Caprice was told that she would never be able to carry her own child, so she decided to get a surrogate to carry the baby. Right after the surrogate was confirmed pregnant, Caprice became pregnant on her own. So now she will take custody of the surrogate baby while she herself is 8-months pregnant.

Through her mom, Caprice and Ty are able to view the ultrasound of the surrogate baby back in the US. Later on, Caprice calls her mom to tell her that they’ve decided to go public with the story of the gestational carrier and her being pregnant. It’s a controversial decision to feed a story to the press, but Caprice needs the truth out before the press makes up a story.
Once the story breaks, the reactions from the ladies are pretty similar.

Caroline believes that you never give personal stories to the tabloids; you only use them to further your business. Juliet doesn’t think that you should begin a child’s life on the cover of a magazine. Annabelle is just shocked and Marissa is surprised at the news all together as she had no idea about the surrogate. Caprice meets with The Sun journalists the next day and everyone is pleased that the story has spread to most of the other papers in the country.

Now that the big story has broken, it’s time to move on to the next big event: The Serpentine Party. Noelle is at the salon getting her hair done even though she doesn’t have tickets yet. Caroline has a make-up team come to her home and Caprice is running around saying she feels good even though people are warning her to slow down.

Scot joins Noelle at the salon and breaks the news that there is NO way they are getting tickets. She breaks out the bratty pout again. She doubts they can be at capacity since the venue is outdoors and she claims that they aren’t “riff raff," that people want their pictures so they should be let in. However no matter how much ranting she does will change the situation. They decide to go to Marissa’s pre-party anyway. The news gets worse when Marissa tells them that she tried but could not secure tickets for them either.

However, Noelle’s pouty luck changes when fairy godmother Caroline arrives and announces that she has one extra ticket because her husband cannot make it. Noelle practically mows Scot down to grab the ticket before he can. So much for love is blind.

After some more idle chit chat, the ladies leave for the party. What is interesting about the red carpet is that the producers have intertwined the Ladies arrivals with actual celebrities like Jeremy Irons, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Naomi Campbell. I can’t wait for next week where we get to hear about all of the drama that took place inside!



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