'Ladies of London' recap: episode 3

By TracyJane,
Red, White, and Blue-Blooded

This week we start off with Juliet and Marissa in a pub with Marissa explaining that she has completed the requirements to gain her British citizenship. Since this is her last year of U.S. citizenship, she wants a huge 4th of July party. Juliet is going to co-host and they begin discussing the details.

Juliet wants a more down and dirty, hotdogs, hamburgers and American flags party whereas Marissa wants it to be more upscale with special glassware and fancy food.

When they call Caroline she points out the irony that they are inviting the British ladies to a party celebrating the holiday where the U.S. threw the British out of the country.

Meanwhile, Annabelle meets up with her grandmother and her sister for tea. It’s clear that Annabelle holds her grandma in high regard and respects everything she’s done in her life. They get into a discussion about their family history of assassins and royal titles. The sisters find out their great grandfather was a horse rider and the conversation segues into Annabelle is doing a charity race for Alexander McQueen’s charity. All of the ladies agree that it’s a shame that McQueen is no longer around, but he is remembered.

Later on, Annabelle heads to the garment district to meet up with designer Conchita Perez. In a talking head interview we learn that Conchita’s work reminds Annabelle of a young McQueen so she has decided to mentor her. Together they are planning a fashion show where Annabelle is calling in favors and helping with press.

We get quick check ins with Caroline and Caprice. Caroline is at her office. There’s a silly moment where she and her staff set up shots to put on their social media accounts and they are all shown laughing and having fun. Caprice is at home with her housekeeper trying to figure out ways to get her dog from eating his own feces. She talks about being stressed about the upcoming babies and not having time for the dog problems. Also, she gets good new from her publicist that she’s in the papers from the Serpentine party. She states that good press equals good business.

Getting back to the subject of the 4th of July party, we see Marissa and her husband Matt are at their new restaurant discussing the party and doing food tasting. As the chef brings out each selection the couple yays or nays the food. BBQ ribs are too messy for the party. Burgers need to be small sliders. Lobster rolls are just perfect! Matt is very picky about what he wants served but Marissa knows how to circumvent his strong will It’s an interesting look into how they work together.

Finally it’s the day of the party. Marissa is running around the venue organizing decorations and workers. She reveals that planning a party with Juliet means that you do all of the planning, the prep, and the decorating and she shows up on time. Juliet perpetuates that statement when she shows up and makes a joke out of putting the silverware on the tables so she can feel like she “helped out”.

We see Caroline getting ready for the party and discussing what the 4th of July actually means with her make-up person. A giggle escaped when they both confessed that they don’t know much more than it’s the U.S. declaring their independence.

Noelle and Scot arrive at the party and discuss how they all met four years ago at another 4th of July party and Noelle is anxiously awaiting the ring. Surprisingly, this is the only bit of Noelle we’ve gotten to see in this episode.

Arrivals at the party continue with Caroline sarcastically asking if Juliet has lost a fight with a garden shear when she sees her wearing very short cut offs. Annabelle walks in dressed all in black to symbolize the mourning England was going through at losing the war with the Americans.

Later on, Juliet jumps into a conversation that Annabelle is having with another guest about horse racing. Annabelle speaks up and tells Juliet talks too much and too fast and that she needs to just hush and take a breath. Juliet of course takes offense and tells Annabelle to loosen up and have fun. The embers of a fight have started to smoke.

Meanwhile, Marissa gives a speech about 4th of July, letting everyone know it’s her last as an American because she’s getting her citizenship in Britain. She then forces Juliet to sing the national anthem, although it’s more like screeching than singing. Inside all of the Brits are making fun of her.

Towards the end of the party, one of the partygoers, a lingerie designer, brings underwear as a party gift. Juliet and Marissa playfully fight over the red white and blue ones. Annabelle is annoyed that they are being tacky playing with underwear at a restaurant. Finally, Juliet holds up a bigger pair and exclaims, “who has a big ass here?”

Everyone is shocked. Annabelle announces that she needs to leave immediately and heads out the door without saying goodbye. Juliet takes offense and chases after her. They get into a fight outside about Annabelle being rude and Juliet being inappropriate. Finally Juliet storms back inside and complains to the ladies about the fight. Caprice takes it personal that Juliet is ripping on Annabelle so she leaves the party to run after her. Caroline doesn’t understand why Caprice is getting involved and taking everything so personal.

The episode comes to a close with Caprice heading back to the party to defend Annabelle and question Caroline in not defending Annabelle. The aftermath of the fight continues next week with baby showers and fashion shows.



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