Las Vegas airport installs a medical care unit and pharmacy

By Krista Frost,

The McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has installed a medical clinic for travelers who feel under the weather and even hungover.

NBC News reports that the McCarran Medical Clinic and Pharmacy in the airport is staffed by a doctor who can provide remedies from flu shots and hangover cures to replacing a prescription if it was left behind. Clinic owner David Inman told NBC, “We’re an urgent care center in the airport,” making going to the doctor convenient for the 42 million travelers who pass through the airport each year.

According to the LA Times, the clinic is located in Terminal 1 just before the security checkpoint for the A and B Gates.

McCarran is not the first airport to install a medical clinic, according to NBC. Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, as well as terminals in San Francisco and Nashville have also placed medical care units in their airports. However, it is McCarran who can claim to be the first with pharmacy care and over the counter drug care. Inman also went on to say although they cannot cure over intoxicated travelers, they can help them. Meaning what happens in Vegas may actually stay in Vegas.



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