'The Last Ship' recap: 'Welcome to Gitmo'

By Marie Blake,

Last week, we left off with Captain Chandler telling his crew that they will not be heading home, instead they will stay aboard the Destroyer until the cure can be made, so everyone is safe.

Seagull/Quincy, Dr. Scott's assistant, is on the phone again, letting the Russians know that they are headed to Guantanamo Bay, but doesn't know how long they will be there, and is ordered to stall them.

Dr. Scott enters with some equipment. Quincy tells her that it is not enough and asks to leave the ship next time. She tells him she'll think about it.

Meanwhile, the crew are preparing for combat on land, going through firing drills.

A computer specialist squad is put in charge of listening to radio feeds. They are ordered to only listen and not respond, needing to keep their location confidential. The men are clearly bothered with all of the calls for help, but not being able to do something.

The captain finds out that the fuel in the ship is filthy, and there is no solving that solution until they get to Gitmo.

Lieutenant Kara sees that Lieutenant Danny is upset that Frankie has died, and cannot deal with his emotions.

The crew gather together in a candlelight vigil, using glow sticks, and make prayers for their family who's fate their unaware of.

Dr. Scott tells the captain more about the virus. It's airborne and can be caught by anyone, even a recently deceased corpse; symptoms consist of a cough, bleeding sores and hemorrhaging, ending with dementia and loss of blood. Incubation period is 3 to 5 days.

Dr. Scott also tells them that she last contacted the CDC three weeks ago, so the incubation period could have changed, but she's almost positive that the virus has stabilized by now. Danny asks about his dog, and Dr. Scott tells him that they are immune. She tells them that one infected person can jeopardize the whole ship.

Captain Chandler takes Lieutenant Mike into a room so they can talk. Mike is still upset that Dr. Scott had communication with home, but none of the crew got to warn their families. After a talk, Captain Chandler warns Mike that he needs to follow orders and put this hostility behind him.

The ship sends off a helicopter to check the status of Gitmo. The land appears to be deserted. The captain gets a group ready to get supplies.

Captain Chandler tells Dr. Scott and Quincy that he cannot risk them leaving the ship, and tells them the crew will get the supplies for them.

The hospital crew prepares to put on masks and oxygen to enter the hospital. They're equipped with a camera so Dr. Scott can tell them what she needs.

Another team is on search for fuel.

Quincy is searching the sip, and is about to pull a lever that would emit poisonous gas throughout the engineering room, but is stopped by one of the lieutenants. Quincy claims to be looking for a way to shut off the air in his room, but is told not to touch anything. His obvious plan for a diversion is shut down.

The fuel crew connects to the ship and starts refueling.

Chandler and his crew are still searching the grounds for supplies. They find a car with a dead man inside. As they prepare to put on masks, a man named Tex runs out telling them to get out of there, but the vehicle blows up. Chandler warns the ship and the other teams about the attack, telling them to prepare for a fight.

Tex tells them that Al Qaeda is there searching for supplies. Captain Chandler warns the ship and the other teams to be aware.

The fuel team is ordered to disengage, but the valve is not moving. While trying to shut it off, the valves snaps off. They are then fired at by Al Qaeda, and the engineer gets hurt. The Ship manages to target and kill the Al Qaeda that that attacked the fuel team.

The hospital team gets ready to leave, running out of oxygen, but find that they are trapped inside and fired at by Al Qaeda.

Chandler and his team enter the warehouse. They enter and get into a gunfight with Al Qaeda.

The hospital team find a way to get out, but one member is shot. Dr. Scott tells Lieutenant Mike that she can help them, and he sends her out.

Tex gets caught by Al Qaeda, and tells Chandler not to give them anything. Chandler tells the ship that they have a hostage situation, while trying to talk one of the members of Al Qaeda, Amir, to let Tex go. The ship meanwhile prepares for a diversion. Chandler finds a way to discreetly give their location to the ship. The ship fires and they take out the men of Al Qaeda. Chandler invites Tex to come aboard.

Quincy finds a way to create the diversion which will have the Destroyer docked for another 4 hours. Another ship comes on radar, and Chandler finds that it is a British ship looking for food. Since they will be there a while, He tells them he will share what they have.

Dr. Scott is tending to the injured engineer, lieutenant and Tex. She is credited for saving their lives, and there appears to be a lift in some of the hostility held against her.

Lieutenant Burke goes to Lieutenant Miller, one of the men who helped Chandler kill Al Qaeda. He appears to be troubled by the situation, his first kill.

Danny clearly misses Lieutenant Frankie, holding on to his ID badge. He is comforted by another female Lieutenant.

Captain Chandler finds out that the ship was not British, but rather it is the Russians.

image courtesy of Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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