At least 16 people killed in India after two buildings collapse

By Melissa Barclay,

Two separate buildings collapsed in two different cities in India on Saturday, killing at least 16. One was a 12-story building under construction in Chennai and the second was a four-story building New Delhi.

According to the Associated Press, construction workers were working on the 12-story building when it collapsed and killed two on the spot and three others were taken to a hospital where they later died as a result of their injuries.

The building collapsed under the strain of constant rains.

Twenty-six construction workers were safely pulled out of the rubble by police and rescue crews, who continue to look for more people trapped.

“Fifty workers were believed to be present at the construction site at the time of the collapse. Rescue operations are still on,” Police Commissioner Sebastian George said, CNN reports.

Earlier in the day, a four-story building that was in poor condition collapsed and killed 11 people.

A New Delhi Municipal Council official said that building collapses happen too frequently in the country as often extra floors are added on top of already built structures without permission, making them unsafe to live in. Weak construction materials and other issues such as overpopulation lead to poorly built structures.



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