Leonardo DiCaprio donates $7 million from his charity to help world's oceans

By Elizabeth Learned,

Leonardo DiCaprio pledges money to protect the world’s oceans.

Photo Credit: Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com

MTV reported that Leo’s charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, would be donating $7 million toward conservation projects that will protect the oceans.

The Hollywood heartthrob was at the Our Ocean conference on Tuesday at the State Department and he spoke about the need to take care of the waters of our planet. “What we need is sustained activism and courageous political leadership. We cannot afford to be bystanders in this pre-apocalyptic scenario,” he said.

John Kerry also joined DiCaprio on stage in a move to protect the ocean and maritime life from environmental devastation.

According to the Associated Press, President Obama has also pledged to help the oceans. A video message recorded by the president announced his plan to put together the “largest ocean preserve” in the world.

He also wanted to be able to protect the marine life in the ocean by putting a ban on drilling and any other activities that are harmful to the ocean.

However, while these type of activities are not currently present in the waters that Obama has put under his plan to protect against devastation, conservation groups feel proactive steps must be taken to keep them from occurring.

DiCaprio talked about making two dives at the Great Barrier Reef, one happening 20 years ago and the other just two years ago, and seeing what an impact the environment had in devastating this area.



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