'Love locks' destroy part of Paris bridge

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Everyone claims that the concept of love is a truly powerful thing and it now reigns true more than ever after part of a Paris bridge crumbled under "love locks."

According to the Daily Mail, a chunk of the Pont des Artes fell Sunday night resulting in police being called in to keep people away from that part of the bridge. The cause of the destruction? The weight of thousands of the infamous love locks.

The rest of the bridge was evacuated and closed off from tourists. French police say that a metal grille fell inwards and thankfully not into the river. Had the metal fallen it could have potentially hit any boats below and caused even more damage.

The locks first started to appear in 2008 and have become a craze for lovers to seal their relationships by writing their names on a lock and then throwing the key into a river. AFP reports that two young Americans started a petition in March calling for the locks to be removed claiming they are not a good sight and damaging to the bridge, with the latter bit clearly evident.

Do you think the tradition will be moved to another location?



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