Luis Suárez bites Giorgio Chiellini as Uruguay tops Italy in World Cup match

By Kyle Johnson,

Uruguay topped Italy 1-0 on Tuesday to punch their ticket to the knockout round, but all anyone is talking about is when the controversial forward Luis Suarz allegedly bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini.

With the game tied at 0-0 and 10 minutes left, Suarez appeared to chomp on Chiellini's shoulder as the two jockeyed for position, causing both to fall down, reports Fox Sports.

Racing over to the referee Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Chiellini pulled down the shoulder of the shirt to try and provide evidence, while Suarez grabbed at his front teeth and backed away quietly.

The alleged biting incident overshadowed the goal scored just a minute later from Diego Godin that lifted Uruguay into the round of 16.

According to The New York Times, this isn't the first time Suarez has bitten another player, or the second time even. The star player has been accused two previous times of biting another player while referees were looking the other way.

Suarez, who also was recently suspended for poor remarks directed at another player, has been doing his best to try and improve his image.

"Obviously, it's not the most attractive image that I can have for myself," he said. "But that's not what I want to be remembered for. I want to do things right. I really, really do."

Well, seems whatever work image rehabilitation he's done is now for naught.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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