Macaulay Culkin's cover band booed offstage in U.K.

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Macaulay Culkin might want to stick to being an actor in the entertainment industry. Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band was booed offstage during a recent performance in the U.K.

The cover band, which goes by the name Pizza Underground, took the stage this past weekend at the U.K.'s Dot to Dot Festival.

The Notting Hampost reported that the band was only able to play two songs before they walked off the stage. After the group's first song the boos started from the crowd, which was followed by the throwing of beer at the band.

Many fans in the crowd considered the performance to be unpleasant and confusing. The Notting Hampost interviewed a fan who didn't want to be named in the article but expressed being disappointed with the band.

“It just sounds awful. I can’t believe he is doing this. Why bother? It must go down well in America or something.”

People added that the group took to Twitter to thank their fans and that they were sorry a few people ruined the performance for everyone.

image via INFPhoto.com



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