Madonna posts a picture of herself in Muslim headgear

By Melissa Barclay,

Madonna posted a controversial picture on her Instagram account of her wearing a Muslim niqab.

The headgear is traditionally worn by Muslim women, and covers everything but the eyes.

According to Yahoo Music, the star captioned the photo: “It’s that kind of day! #unapologeticbitch.”

This is not the first time the singer wore the same type of headgear.

A picture of Madonna in a chain mail niqab accompanied her essay in Harper’s Bazaar, where she explained that she was learning more about Islam.

“I am building schools for girls in Islamic countries and studying the Qur'an. I think it is important to study all the holy books,” she said.

Fans however, were divided, some not sure how genuine the singer was.

“I hope Madonna explains why she took this pic,” ahmed_alsaqabi45 wrote underneath the Instagram photo.

“I’m Muslim…And I find nothing offensive or wrong about this picture,” aquademimi wrote.

Madonna has not spoken out on the issue.

It seems the hashtag was Madonna’s predictive answer to the backlash she would receive.

Image via Instagram from madonna.

image via Kirkland/MPI/INFevents.com



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