Man allegedly breaks into Sandra Bullock's home

By Kaitlyn Clay,

Sandra Bullock was woken up this morning, after celebrating her Decade of Hotness award at the Guy's Choice Awards last night, by a man who allegedly broke into her house.

E! News said that "law-enforcement sources are also looking into whether the suspect is a stalker, given Bullock's celebrity status." With so many celebrities having stalkers these days it wouldn't surprise anyone if that was the case in this situation.

The alleged man was in his late 30s and the cause for his breaking and entering is still unknown. I don't know about anyone else, but breaking into the sweet and hilarious Sandra Bullock's home, would be a hard task to do seeing as how big of a celebrity she truly is.

NBC NewsThe Oscar winner was unhurt, and the unidentified man was arrested without incident around 6:30 a.m., authorities told NBC Investigations.

The case is still open and ongoing.



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