Man finds out he has brain tumor after he is pistol-whipped during robbery

By Michelle Kapusta,

After a store employee in Arizona was brutally attacked during a robbery, he was sent to the hospital where he discovered that he had a brain tumor.

azfamily.com reported that Phoenix Circle K manager Jerimiah Willey and another employee were pistol-whipped during a robbery at the store last month. Willey was hospitalized for a head injury and, during a CT scan, doctors discovered he had a very large brain tumor.

Upon receiving the news, the 30-year-old and his wife, Alisha, were shocked because Willey had no idea that he had been living with the potentially life-threatening tumor.

Surgery was required and Willey’s first operation left him partially paralyzed with slurred speech and some hearing loss, however he does not believe the effects will be permanent.

"It's our understanding, that because of the size, we believe there's going to be two more surgeries," his mother-in-law, Rose Gould, told CNN.

Willey is attending therapy and doctors have informed him that the tumor is benign.

His robber remains at large and anyone with information is asked to contact police.



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