Man lost for days survives on tips learned from TV

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Virginia man lost in the woods for four days said that he survived the ordeal by using tips he learned from television.

According to WAVY, Kyle Williams’ father Bud, told the station that his son was able to endure the elements because of the survival tactics he learned from those type of TV shows.

“To stay warm, he covered himself with leaves and branches. He knew he shouldn’t be drinking water, but he knew he needed to stay hydrated. He found a clear running stream of water to drink from.”

WTKR reported that the 23-year-old could not remember how he got lost last Thursday in the thousands of acres of woods near his Suffolk home.

His father said that the last clear thing his son remembers is going home on June 12 after spending time with his friends. The next thing he recalls is waking up in the middle of the woods.

Williams was later reported missing by his family and rescued on Monday after he noticed a police helicopter and waved for help.

Authorities said it is still unclear how the man became lost in the first place, but what is clear is that those survival show tips he picked up certainly paid off.



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