Man ran over daughter’s fiancé with his pick-up truck

By Melissa Barclay,

When James Littrell learned of his daughter’s engagement, he was not pleased. Littrell, 48, is accused of running over his daughter’s fiancé, Christian Leatherwood, with his pick-up truck.

According to The Huffington Post, Leatherwood was at a gas station nearby when Littrell arrived. After Leatherwood called his uncle, a police officer, to report Littrell's threatening behavior, Leatherwood was advised to take a picture of Littrell's license plate. Before he could, Littrell struck him with his truck.

“[He] ran into his truck, put the keys, threw it in reverse and hit me,” Leatherwood said. Littrell continued to drive even when Leatherwood was holding on to the bumper of the truck.

Littrell allegedly came to a stop at a traffic light. As a result, Leatherwood was thrown into the bed of the truck, NY Daily News reported.

Littrell’s friend, Victory Nelson, was present when his soon to be father-in-law attacked. “He told us to stay the hell away from his daughter, and he was going to do what he wanted,” Nelson said.

Leatherwood suffered minor injuries.



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