Man stabs, runs over wife after missing cruise ship

By Michelle Kapusta,

A husband and wife got into an argument after they were in jeopardy of missing their cruise from New York to the Bahamas on Monday and the husband handled it quite poorly.

According to the New York Daily News, Michael Barber, 48, is accused of stabbing his wife and running her over with a rental car after they were denied access on board the cruise ship.

The South Carolina couple planned to embark on a Caribbean vacation after flying to New York to catch a cruise. However, at port they were told they did not have the correct identification needed for the journey.

The pair then rented a car in a desperate move to make it to their home where the documents were and then back up the east coast to catch the ship in time.
However, according to WIS, an argument ensued on their drive and Barber allegedly stabbed his wife. He then also ran her over with rental car.

The 44-year-old woman managed to get away and received medical attention for cuts and other injuries to her neck.

Her husband was arrested a short time later at an eatery and charged with attempted murder.



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