A Marilyn Monroe statue was dumped in China

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

A statue of Marilyn Monroe was disposed of in China. It was located at a Guigang business center.

The statue stood 30 feet tall, according to Newsmax. The statue was formidable and was made of eight tons of stainless –steel. It was created by several Chinese artists, and was inspired by the movie, The Seven Year Itch.

What exactly was the statue, though, and how did it wind up getting dumped? The statue has been compared to other statues and figures of the iconic actress. It looks a lot like Seward Johnson’s statue, “Forever Marilyn.”

According to The Huffington Post, Paula Stoeke, director of Santa Monica-based Sculpture Foundation, which exhibits Johnson's work, told The Huffington Post via email, "It is definitely not a Seward Johnson sculpture. The Sculpture Foundation was surprised to see the photo and is researching it now."

Experts are taking the effort to confirm that is was not Johnson’s famous statue that received attention when it was exhibited in the United States. Johnson’s statue of Marilyn Monroe stood gloriously for two years in downtown Chicago.



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