Matt Groening plans to autograph upcoming 'Simpsons' mural in Springfield, Oregon

By Chris Hayes,

Matt Groening, Oregon native and creator of The Simpsons, wants to leave his mark on an upcoming mural in celebration of America's favorite animated family in the real Springfield that inspired it all.

The city of Springfield, Oregon has announced plans to sponsor a Simpsons mural, which will be painted on the Emerald Art Center, Register-Guard reports. Mayor Christine Lundberg stated that the town has “been looking for ways to celebrate Matt’s Oregon connection with our Springfield for several years.”

Image: INFPhoto.com

An artist at 20th Century Fox Television, which produces and distributes The Simpsons, is in the process of creating the image that will be painted. The artwork, which will not be revealed until the mural is finished, will depict Homer relaxing in his hammock, Bart climbing a tree, Lisa and Maggie on a bike, and Marge painting a picture.

Though the city is just beginning to search for a muralist, Groening is already very enthusiastic. He quipped in a statement on Friday, “I plan to sneak up in the middle of the night and sign the mural… I hope I don’t get arrested.”

In order to preserve the The Simpsons's 'Anytown, USA' feel, the show has not revealed where in the United States it takes place. There are 38 settlements named Springfield across 31 states. However, Groening revealed that the fictional Springfield is based on the town of the same name in his home state during an interview with Smithsonian Magazine in 2012.

The Simpsons, which just finished its 25th season, is the longest-running scripted, primetime series in US television history.



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