'Mean Girls' Becomes 8-Bit Game for Anniversary

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Mean Girls has officially taken the next step and become a video game to celebrate 10 years of fetch this year.

And not just any game, but the 8-bit treatment. Entertainment Weekly describes the game as being designed by popular YouTube channel CineFix, where audiences can watch Cady move around the school and approach popular characters to make decisions following the plot of the movie. While it is not playable, it is fun to watch the animated characters interact in old-fashioned video game animation, as Cady contemplates situations concerning the burn book and Aaron Samuels. It all shows up in this fantastic re-make of the popular film, even including re-worked versions of “Jingle Bell Rock” and “One Way Or Another” for background music.

Time points out that the only way the game could have been improved was if there could have been a Glen Coco to point and laugh at Gretchen Weiners, or have Janis go crazy on Regina George. But the bus crushing Regina bit is hilarious!

Watch the video below!

Image Credit: INFGoff.com



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